Who am I?

My name is Lauren Guy, I am based in South Oxfordshire. I have been studying art since school but I first discovered my talent for it when I was younger. 

I studied art even further with A Levels and going to Reading University to learn art & design to greater extent (this is where is found my passion for Graphic Design). Although university was great for learning what path I wanted to go down, I didn’t want to wait any longer to start my design career so I left university to pursue my passion in the design industry.

Since then, I have been working on Graphic Design courses and other Art classes in my spare time to increase my skill in the art & design world. As I have this knowledge and talent, I thought why not put this to good use? Then I created my small business ‘Illustration Design Shop’, now better know as ‘Twenty Four Brushes’.

In my spare time, I also work for a company called Brush Party as an Artist Assistant. This role entails the set up and the clean up for events, assisting the artist wherever necessary and helping customers with their paintings. I really enjoy this as it still lets me have my fine art side whilst working as a Digital Graphic Designer.